RoaD-eye RE350 - The Stealth. 


Stealth design keeping a watchful eye and well hidden from potential intruders.


The RE350 (The Stealth) Dash Cam is powered by a hidden box that keeps all data safe even if the cameras were stolen.


SD storage capabilities, GPS for tracking, speed and time allowing you to pinpoint the exact location, time and date, and microphone input for sound recording. 


All videos are saved using the TAT format-free system, ensuring that nothing is lost.


With the battery protection system, the RE350 will record all motion while your car is parked and your ability to start your journey next morning is assured.


Using WiFi, you can link to your RoaD-eye Dash Camera using the RoaD-eye App for live view, playbacks / downloads and share with friends or social media with a simple touch. A "PC viewer" is also available for Windows desktop computers.


The RoaD-eye Dash Camera's Live Viewing Feature, you can connect to your dashcam from the safety of your home to investigate any activity around your car without having to risk going out to investigate.


And for peace of mind, all RoaD-eye dashcams are Korean made, reliable, affordable, user friendly and comes with a 3 Year National Warranty.

RoaD-eye RE350

SKU: RE350
$699.00 Regular Price
$548.00Sale Price
    • Video: Full HD (1080p) / 30fps
    • WiFi: 802.11/b/g/n, Android App, iOS App
    • Storage: 32GB Micro SD card included, can take up to 128 GB. TAT Format free
    • GPS: External smart GPS
    • Recording Modes: Driving/Event/Parking
    • Power: 12V~24V (12V@230mA)
    • G-sensor: 3axis gravity sensor
    • Motion Sensor: Detect motion in parking mode
    • Video Playback: Bundled PC viewer
    • Low power protection: Detect car battery low power to prevent battery drainage
    • Auto power off: DVR auto power-off (parking mode) in abnormal high temperatures.
    • Working temperature: -20c to ~78c


    Full HD quality video - GPS with speed indication - iOS and Android apps for full control