OBD II Scanner - For use with the IROAD X10 Only. 


What is an OBD II Scanner?
Onboard Diagnostics II (OBD-II) is a standardized system that onboard computers in cars and trucks use for self-diagnostics and reporting.


What is an IROAD OBD Scanner?
IROAD OBD Scanner is an optional product that can be used only with IROAD X10. It can be connected to the vehicle OBD port like existing OBD power cable and the product should be connected to the OBD and power cable as well.

IROAD X-Scanner



    1. Vehicle Information in Real Time 

    • Speed
    • RPM
    • Battery Voltage
    • Coolant Temp
    • DPF Info
    • Transmission Oil
    • Fuel Level
    • Gear Position     


    2. Fuel               

    • Fuel Efficiency
    • Fuel Level                                                                                  

    3. Statistics / Diagnostics           

    • Driving Statistics
    • Vehicle Diagnostics