[13,600mA / 174.08wh]

90 mins 90% charge

75 hours recording

Based on IROAD V9 2CH(2.3W)



Built-in Bluetooth function provides effective and user-friendly battery management.


Battery Capacity(%)

Expected Battery Charging Time

Expected Battery Usage Time

Current Battery Temperature

Input/Output voltage, current

Firmware version

Input Power ? Connected device

Bluetooth reception strength


Select charging type [Normal] or [Fast] : Default ? Normal

Select power input type [ACC] or [Constant] : Default ? Constant

Charging cut level setting [12.0V],[12.3V],[12.5V],[12.7V] : Default ? [12.3V]

USB port On/Off

Diagnostic test

Firmware upgrade via mobile application


Next Generation LiFePO4

Safety Design for Overcharging, Overcurrent; Cell-Balancing Circuit System (BMS); provides anti-fire/explosion for safe fast charging.

Three times longer battery lifespan compared to standard lithium-iron and nickel, LiFePO4 has outstanding stability for Anti-fire/explosion and over 2,000 times rechargable use BMS (Cell Balancing Circuit Management System) prevents battery overcharging and over current for safe vehicle care. 


Power Sleep Mode

IROAD Powerpack automatically activates PSM in order to protect vehicle battery discharge once PSM activated, Vehicle battery will be maintained with good condition. Low-power management system will disable USB port.


Portable USB Port

Portable power charge. Emergency portable charging available. Devices such as Smartphones & Tablets can be charged conveniently via the PowerPack?s USB port.

IROAD Power Pack Plus

$599.00 Regular Price
$568.00Sale Price
  • Battery Capacity 12.8V / 13,600mA / 174.08wh
    Battery Type LiFePO4
    Charging Time 90 mins ? (90% charge)
    Usage Time

    75 hours (Based on power

    consumption of IROAD V9 2CH)

    Charging Voltage 14.6V / 9.4A
    Output Voltage 11V~14.6V / Max 6A
    Input Power 12V~16V / Max 10A

    Smartphone monitoring and

    settings firmware auto-update

    Size/Weight 163 (W) x 259 (H) x 42 (D) / 1.95kg
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