Universal kit suits Dashmate and all other dashcams with Mini USB or Micro USB connections.

- Can be installed in cars and trucks as is compatible with 12V and 24V batteries.

- Provides constant power to your dashcam when your vehicle is turned off.

- Is protected with Battery Drain Protection to safeguard your dashcam from draining your vehicle?s battery. Your battery will stop providing power to your dashcam if your battery level gets too low.

- Includes 4 different fuse tap cables ? simply plug the required fuse tap cable into the vehicle?s fuse box to provide your dashcam with its own power supply without engaging the cigarette socket.

- Includes both Mini USB and Micro USB connectors for connection to all Dashmate dashcam models

Dashmate Hardwire Kit

  • Hardwire Kit - Constant power for your dashcam

    Get constant power for your dashcam. DSH-HWK connects to your vehicle battery through your vehicle?s fuse box and provides constant power to your dashcam when the engine is turned off. It includes several fuse tap options that suit most vehicles* and your dashcam connects to the hardwire kit with either the Micro USB or Mini USB connectors included.