Experience the ultimate in screen performance with our OLED display. Featuring bright vivid colours and optimal viewing from almost any angle and every situation. The magnetic mount makes detaching the DSH-1052 easy, allowing you to take your dash camera from car to car or to your PC without loosing any of the adhesive hold on your windscreen.


1080p Full HD

The increased resolution provides for a clearer picture. Captures your trip in full high definition recording all details on the road.


150� Field Of View

Ultra-Wide angle lens provides greater area coverage and protection. With the extra visibility, the camera can monitor the bigger surrounding area when accident happen.


3.0? OLED Touch Screen

Experience the bright vivid colours and optimal viewing from almost any angle and every situation. Our innovative OLED Touch Screen combined with our intuitive user interface makes menu navigation and footage playback easier than ever.


ADAS Alerts

By providing warnings and alerts about your driving environment, this modern system takes the driver security to the next level and decreases the level of risk.


Rear/Reverse Camera

Recording from both the front and rear along with the time and date can help protect from fraudulent claims and give you evidence you may need in the case of an incident.


Inbuilt WIFI & GPS

Access footage on your smartphone via WiFi. The built-in GPS logger records your vehicle speed, location, time and date along with your dash camera footage for easy playback using Google Maps.


Real-Time Alerts

Receive on-screen warnings to a maximum of 500 metres of the following:

  • Fixed Speed Cameras
  • Railway Crossings
  • Red Light Cameras
  • Accident Blackspots*
  • School Zone Speed Alerts*


Wide Dynamic Range

Our Wide Dynamic Range sensor automatically adjusts the light and dark areas of the image, increasing image contrast and picture detail, delivering sharp images in both Day or Night, Rain or Shine.


Playback High Quality Videos

The 1080P Full High Definition Dash Camera records the road in fine detail, providing crystal clear images when played back.

Dashmate DSH-1052

$379.00 Regular Price
$345.00Sale Price
  • RESOLUTION - 1080P

    DISPLAY - 3.0? OLED LCD Screen

    CHANNEL - Dual Channel

    GPS LOGGER - Yes

    WI-FI - Yes

    FIELD OF VIEW - 150 Degree

    PARK MODE - Yes


    ADAS - Yes

    STORAGE MEDIA - Up to 128GB/UHS class 3 & above