Leading Truck Camera with HD Recording

The Auto BlackBox VT-300SE is a commercial grade system, as a leading dash cam for trucks, it has been designed to meet the requirements of truck and fleet companies in Australia. As a semi-truck dash cam based product, our company has serviced many fleets with this system that outperforms many competitor models for quality and reliability. 

Our PC Software will clearly display all of the relevant information for your viewing, including front & rear video, GPS location, G-sensor data and more.

The VT-300SE has a bracket mounting system which will withstand a large crash due to its quality and design, ensuring the full story is always captured.


Network Camera - Live View

The BlackBox VT-300SE is a 3G & 4G network compatible dash camera, with remote live view and live streaming capabilities.

Rather than using a SIM card slot, the camera utilises WiFi to make the connection via a USB dongle, or via direct-to-device USB.
Note: Fees may apply for monthly AWS services. 

Capture the Full Story

Capture the full story with the BlackBox VT-300SE Commercial Camera. Dual cameras provide a picture of the outside view and interior cabin view simultaneously. Using the player you can view both feeds together to compare events and data.player you can view both feeds together to compare events and data.


Industry Leading Design
Tamper Proof Design that leads in the industry for security. A patented tamper-proof design, prevents unwanted tampering of the SD card as well as locking the angle of the forward and inward facing cameras. Preventing drivers from changing the lens angle to avoid detection. 


Check Vehicle Details Remotely
With the BlackBox VT-300SE User-Interface, company managers can check the specific vehicle details of any vehicle in the fleet via live video streaming. You can also check on the vehicles current speed, and accumulated driving time.


Daily Data Dumping Ready 
If you have multiple trucks on the road, the VT-300SE can be programmed to automatically dump the data for that day, to a server where the trucks return to on a daily basis. This can reduce the need for remote data retrieval and save thousands $ in costs.


Heat Tested to 80'C Degrees
Australia is home to some of the hottest conditions on the planet. This is why the BlackBox VT-300SE is heat-tested in Australian conditions to reach running temps of up to 80'C Degrees. The material is also Flame Retardant UL94-V0. 


Optional REAR Camera Available 
An optional rear camera can be purchased to provide a 3CH COMMERCIAL solution. The rear camera can either be mounted outside (waterproof option) or inside the vehicle point back out (interior option). 


Rear Camera Optional with 10M Cable
The BlackBox VT-300SE can also take a 3rd rear camera for interior or exterior mounting. In addition it can take up to 4 additional cameras, making a total of 6 cameras recording video. The exterior water proof cameras are rated to IP67 and also come with a 10 metre long cable. The rear mounted camera can also work as a reversing camera which can run as a constant video feed or only activate once the truck goes into reverse.


In The Box;

- Main Deivce

- GPS Cradle

- Security Screw

- Cable Management Clips

- DC Fuse Power Cable

- Star Shape L-Wrench

- 2x Micro SD Cards (64gb or 128gb)

- Tamper Proof Case


Please contact us to discuss additional camera options. 

Auto BlackBox VT-300SE

  • - Front and In-Cabin Recording

    - Scalable up to 6 channel recording (using video adapter)
    - 1280P x 720P Image Resolution
    - Tamper Proof Solution

    - Telematics Software (Paid Subscription) 

    - Remote View + Data 3G

    - Up to 256GB SD Card Storage (128GB Included)

    - 2 Year Limited Warranty